How to use subcategories for gene set enrichment analysis?

In addition to the main categories that are directly visible for gene set enrichment analysis, there are over 130 additional categories as well. Some of which are Genes & Molecular Sequences, Disorders, Anatomy, Chemicals & Drugs, and Physiology.

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1. Create or open an Analytic project and select genes of interest in the [Data Selection] section. Enrichment analysis works best for gene sets.

2. Click on the [Find Related] tab to access the different categories for the enrichment analysis for the list of concepts selected in the [Data Selection] section.

3. Click the [Select a Category] button and select a category. 

Note: Select one of the main categories in the list, sub-categories associated with that main category appear on the right for selection. Some relevant categories include:

  • Genes & Molecular Sequences
  • Disorders
  • Anatomy
  • Chemicals & Drugs
  • Physiology

5. Click a specific sub-category to do the enrichment analysis. Refer to this article for more detailed description on how to interpret results from an enrichment analysis.

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