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How to overlay sets and select a subset for analysis?

After sets are loaded into an Analytics project, a Venn diagram is automatically generated to overlay the sets. You can then select the union or intersection of the multiple sets for set enrichment and ranking analyses.




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1. Create an Analytics project by referring to this article or locate a previously saved Analytics project.

2. Scroll down to the [Data Selection] section to view the Venn diagram and make selection.

Note: Select data either from the Venn diagram on the left or from the table on the right. 

3. Click on the icon located in the right corner of the Venn diagram to download the Venn diagram as PNG or SVG image. The bar graph below the Venn digram shows the size of each set. 

Note: Venn diagrams can also be generated in [Sets]. Refer to this article for more details.

data_selection_for_Analytics4. To select an intersection (in the case of multiple sets): click the corresponding number in the Venn diagram. The center intersection is selected by default. Any intersection can be selected, however, multiple intersections cannot selected.

5. To select an entire set: click the check box next to the column heading. Hover over the column heading to display the full name of the set.

6. To select an individual concept: click the checkbox next to the concept row.

7. To select all concepts from all the sets: click the main checkbox located in the top left corner of the table.

Tips: To reset the selection, click the main check box again until no concept is selected.


8. Multi-selections are allowed. Every time you make a selection, the corresponding concepts will be added to the existing selection. The total number of concepts that has been selected is shown next to [Concept selected] below the table.

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