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How to find and open an existing Analytics project?

You can re-visit any of your previously saved Analytics projects. For example, you can review the analyses results, re-do the analyses, and upload/remove sets for analyses.




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1. Any previously saved Analytics projects are saved in the [Analytics] main page.

Analytics_main_page_for_locating2. Find an Analytics project by entering in its [Title], [Tags], or [Sets] that are used for that project.

Notes: These are the three ways to locate a specific Analytic project:

  • By Title: Enter the name of the project in the [Title] Search box and list of projects will be filtered as you type.
  • By Tag: Enter the tag name associated with the project in the [Tags] search box and the list will be filtered as you type.
  • By Sets: Enter the sets uploaded into the projects in the [Sets] search box and the list will be filtered as you type.

3. Click on the [project name] or [project thumbnail] to open the project once you have located it.