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How to create an Analytics project and upload sets for analysis?

After you upload your own experimental data or create sets using Search, the next step is to evaluate the data against the the platform's knowledge base. To do that, you need to create a new Analytics project and input your data.




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Part I: Create a new Analytics project

1. Click [+] icon in the [Analytics] main page. A new Analytics project open up.  

Analytics_main_page2. Click the pencil icon to change the default name for the Analytics project.

set_selection_main_page_II3. Enter a new name and click on the [save icon] to save it. An open Analytics project is saved automatically at regular intervals.


Tip: Closing the tab containing an open Analytics project may result in unsaved progress. Navigate to a different page in the platform (click on the [Search] menu, for instance) to allow the changes made in the Analytics project to be saved.

4. Optional: Click on the [add tag] button to add descriptive tag(s), which can be used to easily find your Analytics projects.

5. Optional: Click on the [Notes] to enter description about the Analytics project. Notes can be added any time in the progress of the analysis.

Part II: Upload sets into an Analytics project

1. Click on an empty set container in the [Data Input] section to upload a set.

set_selection_close_up2. Click the [Select Set] button. A [Select set] pop-up window appears for you to select sets that were previously saved in the platform.

Note: If the set you want to upload has not been previously saved in the platform, click the [upload] icon (located next to the [Select Set] button). Refer to this article on uploading sets.

3. In the [Select set] popup window, locate the set by typing in key words and click on the checkbox to select it. Click [Select] to load the set into the Analytics project.

set_selection_analytics project4. Repeat the above steps to load multiple sets. You can upload up to six sets within one Analytics project.

Possible next steps

  • Overlay sets and make selections for set enrichment analysis
  • Overlay sets and make selections for ranking analysis